Release 1.1 - UI Updates

Release 1.1 brings with it a host of UI changes. After some play testing I was able to see that it wasn't initially obvious what the buttons did and that they had an associated cost with them. They were also too far away from the system status displays that the horizontal gap made it hard to notice the change when clicking the buttons (since all the focus was on the right column). 

To address this, I removed the horizontal gap and made sure the buttons showed exactly what systems they affected and how much. I also updated the icons from emojis to a web font to ensure the icons would display properly on all devices. 

I noticed that the system modification popups were not apparent on what they were doing. I was asked many times what they were choosing between. So I updated the text on the buttons to show exactly what each modification would change.

Lastly, I updated the game with a ton of information for screen readers to better help with understand the game interactions. Things like button cooldowns, system load deductions, and when new things are revealed should all be announced to screen readers.

Hopefully with these changes the game is easier to understand and less confusing.

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